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Complete ecommerce solutions, from inception to implementation, including post production support. We help companies drive their business goals, with best in class solutions. Services include, but not limited to, strategy & consulting, digital marketing, web application development, reporting and analytics.

Agile Development

Business needs are constantly evolving and technology needs to align with the ever changing requirements. Agility in software development is vital to achieve business success and stay ahead of the competition. At Sunhim we align with the Agile development methodology to ensure better quality products and services, are delivered in a timely fashion.

Reaching Wider Markets

Digital Marketing has the ability to exponentially reach a wider audience, much more than what was possible earlier. Additionally, customers are able to cross and up-sell newer service and product offering to existing customer. Learn the enormous possibilities that digital media has to offer to grow your existing business and gain wider footprint.

Affordable Prices

Most Small and Medium business owners typically understand the need to go online and showcase their offerings. However most hesitate to fully invest, their time and resources, given the perceived higher IT overheads cost associated. At Sunhim, we build affordable solutions, keeping customers needs, resources and commitments in mind. Please also inquire about our Pricing and Billing options, that would suit your specific business needs.

Complement existing business

Your planned eCommerce business is not expected to shortly replace your existing traditional retail business, but complement it, in many ways. To begin with, at a minimum, your eCommerce portal is a good place to seamlessly connect and consistently disseminate information with existing, and new, customers. Thus building a strong customer experience and subsequent loyalty. Many other features such as curbside pick-up, introducing newer channels of communication or even gift cards , can be added to the mix.

Payment Integration

Today there are multiple options to getting paid. Not just using credit cards, but alternate methods such as Paypal, Apple Pay or Google Pay among some others. Not only is security important but ease of use also plays a deciding factor, when ensuring conversions, hence choosing the appropriate provider is critical. Please be mindful of terms and conditions, particularly payout periods, credit card fees and transaction fees, when deciding on the mode of payments.

Managed Hosting

Often times, in most business, there is a significant spike in business during interim periods, and subsequent portal usage. You would want to ensure, you not only have the infrastructure to scale, during that period, but systems are stable and prompt, during those interim periods. Managed hosting plays a critical role on the overall customer experience and satisfaction.

Notable Features

Build Stable solution

Building stable and secure solution

In today’s digital age, secure and stable eCommerce solutions are not just important but rather mandatory for any business

Secure solutions build confidence and help assure your end customers, on safe and secure digital transactions
Stable solutions with 99.95% uptime
Website with fast response time, significantly reducing drop-off rate

Secure Payments

Secure Payments

Payment solutions, that provide a secure eCommerce experience, to end customer

Ensuring security not just at application, but also at the account level
Solution should be up to date, with the industry best practices
Adhere to industry protocols, such as PCI DSS compliance

Support Platform Migration

Support Platform Migration

Often times, for business or technical reasons, customer requires transitioning from one platform to another. An established and tested process is critical for a seamless transition. Some aspects to keep in mind are

Initial setup, including account and access considerations
Importing data and content (blogs, reviews, product info etc.)
Setting domain, shipping, payment provider etc. and testing the solution

Align Social Media

Align Social Media

Most people will agree that social media plays a critical role in business growth today. It is important to not just identify the optimal strategy, keeping targeted customer audience in mind, but also effectively implementing it

Identify the right platform, or combination of platforms
Consistently monitoring and adjusting, as required
Orchestrating post, or content, across social mediums

Advertising and Marketing

Marketing and promoting

Any product, not matter how good, will not fully flourish and sell, unless it has been marketed well. Developing a marketing plan, keeping the end customer and goals in mind is paramount

Understanding customer and defining the ‘message’
Articulating goals and marketing tactics
Defining marketing medium, implementing and consistently monitoring impact

Plugin Integrations

Plugin Integrations

Any application, in itself, is not sufficient to meet all the customer goals. Often times you need to build custom code, or even better, integrate with an existing plugin/solution/app. Such plugins are more effective, well tested and more importantly deliver outcome in much shorter timeframe

More options
Prior tested solutions
Avoid initial build cost and associated risks

Graceful Designs

Graceful Designs

User Interface and experience design plays an important role, in end user experience. This translates into user comfort and eventual stickiness, to the application. A graceful design has a deeper impact, than you can image

Themes, which are widely tested
Specific customization to existing themes
Aesthetically appealing experience

Measurable Metrics

Measurable Metrics

You are only as good as, how well you understand your customers and the business. A meaningful way to understand is by reporting and analytics. However, those are only meaningful, if when are aligned to the right measurable metrics

Identifying relevant measurable metrics
Setting up and regular monitoring
Swiftly adjusting to changing business needs

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