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We are your eCommerce enabler, with a overarching goal of greater and consistent customer service. We aspire to be your value-add partner, who will ensure you stay ahead of your competitors

Here are the service offering at a glance, within the eCommerce landscape

• Ecommerce Turnkey solutions

Key offerings with the ecommerce landscape

– Secure and stable ecommerce solutions
A secure and stable ecommerce solution is critical to survival of any business, in the digital world. Any instance, or even a perception, of insecurity within the portal, is sufficient to switch-off, not just potential customers but, also eventually evaporating existing customer base. For this very reason, building a secure and stable application is paramount. We build solutions that not only reassure your end customers, but also ensure continued returns and recurring business.
– Web application development
Creating visually appealing, customized websites to run your store. This would include fully featured CMS, PCI compliance and managed hosting. Secure portal will get you up and running, with the ability to reach customer through different platforms as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, just to name a few.
– User Interface and User Experience (UI&UX)
There is a critical difference between knowing and understanding, your end customer. As subtle as it might seem, it eventually make a difference between success and failure of the solution designed. Both User Interface and User Experience play a critical and defining role in understanding and aligning to the customer needs and eventual success. We support our customers right from User Research to eventual implementation, including defining and monitoring, on agreed metrics.
– Digital Marketing
A beautiful and functional ecommerce site, in itself, is not sufficient to guarantee success. It needs to be complemented with adequate marketing support, outlined with a broader marketing strategy, else the outcome of the entire effort is sub-optimal. Positioning of company, product or services, is often a determining factor, which helps differentiate your company, from your competitors, in a competitive market. We not only help you understand the various options, but also guide you towards the optimal path and eventually help implement the digital marketing offerings.

– Third party App recommendations and integrations
Most often, on certain aspects, customer requirements will be relatively unique. Often times these requirements cannot be met directly, within the bounds of the chosen eCommerce solution provider. Good news is that, there are various options available, to address these unique requirements. One obvious option is creating custom solutions, to meet those requirements, from the ground up. While another equally effective option is using third party solutions.

Though custom solutions can always be explored, they come with elements of relatively higher cost, time and effort. The later option, of third-party solutions, has its own unique benefits, in terms of time to build, near-term cost and tested quality solutions.

That all being said, the selection of method and applications, is always dependent on the customers unique requirements, which will always vary, based on specific business needs. We not only help you analyze the requirements, explore various options and make recommendations, but also ensure we delivery the complete solution, in a cost effective and timely manner.

• Consulting and Strategy

Often times there is a need to bring in external experts, with specific skills, during various stages of the ecommerce initiative. For example, it could be during the initiation phase, while understanding the benefits of various platforms, tools and/or apps. Or else, while articulating the strategy, that is consistent with the overarching vision, brand, industry and ecommerce business. An experienced partner is important, not just impart the deeper domain expertise, but also to guide and help navigate, during actual execution, of the plan. As your value-add partner, we help deliver with measurable metrics such as, cost reduction, revenue increase, increased traffic, all this while building a world-class experience, for the end-customer.

Highlighting some key areas explored, during consulting assignment

– Enabling Cohesive Digital transformation
– Enterprise-wide Architecture strategy
– Facilitating change management
– Product Pricing
– Marketing Strategy
– Assessing Tech readiness
– Actionable data intelligence

• Ecommerce migrations

– Seamless migration from prior/existing implementations
Migration, sometimes are inevitable, whatever the underlying reasons. This could either be moving from another platform or re-platforming the existing one. If done well the benefits are exponential, however they are often are riddled with issues and delays, resulting in loss of value. We execute seamless and timebound implementations, will aligning with timebound and consistent process.

• Sourcing

– Identifying and onboarding people to support various initiatives
Support customer specific contingent resource requirements, to meet customers growing, but interim business needs. This also ensure customer does not have the hire full time on their payroll.

• Support

– Ensuring continued support post deployment
Post production support for issues and enhancements

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